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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Butt Sitting

Here I sit - on my butt. I do have a reason - I'm recovering from total hip replacement surgery - with a twist. I am 4 weeks into recovery; however, yesterday my doctor put me back "on" the walker. My hip is doing great; no pain from there. But, my right leg, above and below my knee and down my shin, has been painful to the point that I can barely walk (or sleep) for the past week. Yesterday, I went in to see the doc; then spent almost 4 hours getting an ultra-sound to check for clots, then an x-ray to look for any problems with the prosthesis. I got a clean bill of health (Whew!!!) as far as serious complications go, so the doc said "we" needed to slow me down. So, I'm using the walker to uh . . . . walk. I have to admit that the doc is a genius -- I'm not limping, and the pain is much less (probably the Norco helps a bit). Mostly, tho, I'm sitting on my butt. Good thing I love to read. :-)