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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Freedom Day . . . .

. . . . . or is it?

My job was eliminated or absorbed. So, I am unemployed as of 3 pm yesterday afternoon. What does a 61 year old woman who "walks funny" (more about which later) do? Yes, first stop is unemployment, yet will I find a job? Men and women in their prime with good educations and lots of experience are finding it difficult to find employment, so my chances are probably somewhat slim.

I'd planned to retire early but not this early. I'm going to need to sell my house. The market is great . . . NOT!!! We'll see!!

Yet, I am not sad in the least. The possible end to my working career was anti-climactic to say the least; today feels like Saturday; AND I'm glad that I did not HAVE to go to the office today. Check back in a few months to see if I still feel that way - or maybe even more so.

I have so very much I want to do. The name of this blog tells the story, and I hope to share my adventures here.

This post's purpose is to document this momentous (to me) event. I'd like to express some overwhelming emotion to go with the event, but about all I can muster is "weird." Not too significant! One reason for that is that I think I may be getting the creeping crud - - coughing, sneezing, tight chest, fatigue -- you know the signs. Hopefully is just bad allergies - I was a good girl and had my flu shot. Let's hope it's protecting. The fact that I didn't get it until yesterday may be why it is not in production mode yet. :-)

Here's to productivity, happiness and peace!!!

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