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Monday, October 8, 2012

Feeling Behind!!

Yeah, I'm feeling behind - behind on this hobby that I love. That's not how I want to think or how I want to feel, and I know from experience if I let myself make rigid goals for quilting that I'll stop.  I'll just become overwhelmed, and I won't sew for weeks or months or maybe even years.  I've done this before, and I'm just not going to let myself fall into that trap again.  I love to sew, so I'm going to be kind to myself and sew when I can, when I feel like it, and when it fits into my schedule.  I was out of town for several days, and I didn't get to sew while I was gone - - - that's all.


I started the Women of the Bible quilt for many reasons.  First, a friend of mine showed me her beautiful black and batik quilt which she made while participating in the study, and secondly, I thought it would be fun to look at the women in the Bible from a different point of view than I had when I first studied these women.  That point of view is decidedly feminist and secular.  I feel a little bit awkward sharing my view within the group, so I will say what I think here.  The things that I say are my own thoughts and are not meant to upset anyone (but they may).  That said, last week we studied Sarah. This story was difficult for me.  It is not as I remembered it. Sarah had a pretty rough life.  The thing that really got to me was that Abraham "gave" Sarah to other men - first to Pharaoh then to Abimelech, the king of Gerar, and he said that Sarah was his sister. He did this to save his own skin. This whole idea is pretty appalling to me especially when I think that Abraham is the father of the the great society that is to become the Jews. So, I decided to make Sarah's block primarily blue. Mostly for her sadness but also because she was finally given a baby boy in her old age.

THQA-2 Week Three

Aren't they cute?  These are the blocks for the THQA-2 for last week.  I just love them, and they were simple easy to make. I love the movement in these blocks. I've introduced a cream/light tan color as a light. I'll need to remember to have at least one "darker" light each week.  

This quilt will be for one of my grandsons.  I think he will like it.  :-)

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